Wind Speed

The success of a turbine relies on plentiful clean wind. Whilst wind speeds as low as 4.5-4.9 metres per second (m/s) at 10m above ground level with 360° openness can offer a viable site it is preferrable and certainly more rewarding if the site enjoys a wind speed in excess of 5.5 m/s

The NOABL wind speed database offers an indication of wind speed for a postcode at 10 metres above ground level. You can establish the wind speed for your area through this website

The reading obtained from the database should be treated with caution. It is a computer simulated average assessed over a square kilometre. Local topography and local thermally driven winds are not taken into account. There are bound to be variations and inaccuracies and any reading must therefore be treated as indicative of the wind speed in the area. We find it useful but it must be used with caution

Whilst your wind speed may be stated to be less than 5.5m/s it may be that your particular location within the square kilometre is higher than the average wind speed. We have a number of turbines working successfully on sites with lower wind speeds but this is because of the specifics of the location. Use of your local knowledge will be important in siting a turbine but an anemometer may give you the comfort required to establish the prudence of using wind as an energy source. Suitable equipment may be purchased from weather station retailers at sensible money albeit robustness tends to be a weakness

Having acquired your anemometer you need to position it to ensure accurate readings are obtained. The challenge is to erect the anemometer on or near the proposed site on something that is at least 10m or better still at the height of the proposed tower (15/18m) where there is no threat of turbulence. Scaffolding or telegraph poles have been used effectively. Gable ends, roofs or silos are not a good idea. Ideally the anemometer should be in place for at least one year however you will generally know whether or not your site is suitable within a few months

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