Site planning

Positioning relative to buildings, trees or other obstructions that may cause turbulence must be carefully taken in to account. Ideally a turbine should be sited 100-300m from the distribution board on the property. The turbine should not be closer than twice the height of the nearest buildings or obstruction on the prevailing wind side and 20 times the height of obstructions upwind from the site. Turbulence will shorten the life of the turbine whilst distance will dissipate the power generated. The further the cable length the greater the cost of the cable

Access to the site is required for the delivery of the concrete, turbine itself and lifting equipment for installation which in some cases involves a 50T crane

Planning permission

Current legislation dictates that planning permission is required for the wind turbines that we install. Smaller scale wind turbines complying to certain criteria & standards may be treated as permitted development within the provisions of the GPDO (General Permitted Development Order) however in our opinion such turbines are not economically prudent and seldom have any track record of reliability

National policy regard onshore wind turbines of any size has changed radically in recent years making the whole business of securing planning consent very much more difficult and costly

Being located in an AONB or National Park does not necessarily preclude planning permission for a turbine. We have successfully obtained consent in AONBs and policy in National Parks does not rule out a turbine. The visual and ecological impact of such a structure is critical

Whilst we are well practiced at dealing with the planning system in the West and South West of England & Wales, we are now inclined to recommend employing the services of a specialist planning consultant to deal with the process on your behalf. We shall however be available to offer support and information throughout the process

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