Budget costs

For budget costs and anticipated income levels please refer to our download on the subject – Facts & figures guidance note. All figures must be treated as indicative only

A site specific quotation should be obtained for certainty but there is little point in expending time with such a quote until agreement to connect to the grid and planning permission have been obtained. We ask interested parties to rely on the budget figures until the project is ready to proceed

Turbine economics

The financial implications are of course fundamental to the decision of most to proceed with the installation of a turbine. There are however some who don’t put so much emphasis on the economics preferring instead to focus on the green credentials and contribution to the growth of renewable energy in the UK

Developing a full and accurate picture of the possible returns on investment is a complex task given the number of variables involved. Such variables include the average mean wind speed of the particular site, energy prices, interest on investment, depreciation, FITs and interest rates amongst other issues

Grant funding

With the introduction of FITs grant funding is no longer available


Falling within the category of energy saving technology 100% of the capital expenditure may be written off in year 1 subject to certain criteria. Effective from 6th April 2010 the Annual Investment Allowance was increased from £50,000 to £100,000 per year which for most farming situations means that most if not all the capital cost of a wind turbine project may be offset against profit in year 1

Householders (not commercial businesses) will receive income derived from renewable energy (FITs and export tariff) exempt from tax

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